Flash Script - Fading Text Effect

Download the sample files here, then follow these steps to create this great effect…

1. Create any text of your choice, and convert the text to a movie clip.

2. Right click the movie clip, and insert these actions:

onClipEvent (load)  {  this._alpha = 20;  }  onClipEvent (enterFrame)  {  ax = Math.abs(this._x-_root._xmouse);  ay = Math.abs(this._y-_root._ymouse);  incr = Math.max(ax, ay);  if (incr<=80)  {  this._alpha = 100-incr;  } else {  this._alpha = 20;  }  }

3. Copy this movie clip.

That’s all you need to do! Play the movie, and move the mouse over the text to see the effect at work.


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