Flash Script - Flash MX Dragable Rubber Band Effect

1. Start by creating a movie that has the dimensions: width=400 and height=50.

2. Create a mouse pointer.

3. Now, convert the mouse pointer to a movieclip, name it "pointer", then give it an instance name of "pointer".

4. Using the text tool, type "RUBBER" — it should appear as shown in the movie above.

5. Select the text and convert it to a movieclip. Name it "rubber", and give it an instance name of "rubber".

Now, double click the text movieclip to go into its timeline.

6. Create a new layer, and name it "Button".

8. In the button layer, create an invisible button.

9. Apply these actions to the button:

on (rollOver) {    Mouse.hide();    _root.pointer._visible = true;  }  on (rollOut) {    Mouse.show();    _root.pointer._visible = false;  }  on (press) {    Mouse.hide();    _root.pointer._visible = true;    _root.flag = true;    _root.elas = false;  }  on (release, releaseOutside) {    Mouse.show();    _root.pointer._visible = false;    _root.flag = false;    _root.elas = true;  }

10. Go back to the main timeline (i.e. scene1) and in the default keyframe, insert the action:

//make the pointer invisible  pointer._visible = false;  flag = false;  elas = false;  //start width is width of movieclip  startwidth = 100;  //mvwidth is width of movie  mvwidth = 400;  function setwidth()  {    if(flag) {      width = mvwidth - _xmouse      width = width + 100      rubber._width = width      iws = rubber._width    }    if(elas){      elastic += (startwidth - rubber._width);      elastic *= .4      rubber._width += elastic;    }  }  //this acts as a timer it calls the setwidth function   every 50 milli seconds  setInterval(setwidth,50)

Finished! Now, test the movie!


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