Flash Script - Loader Intro

This tutorial shows you how to create a great loader animation. Download the sample files here.

1. Create some short, static text, and name it "Loading". Convert this to a symbol, and call it "loader".

2. Use loader symbol to create a rotating movieclip. Give this movieclip an instance name of "ball".

3. Create three key frames in the scene. In the first, insert the action:

//initialize variables.  i = 0;  a = 10;

4. In the second key frame, insert the action:

if (Number(i)<10)  {  //Create duplicate movie clip  duplicateMovieClip("ball", "ball" add i, i);  //decrease the alpha of the dupliacte movieclip  setProperty("ball" add i, _alpha, 50-(i*(50/a)));  i = Number(i)+1;  }

5. In the third key frame, insert the action:


Now, play the movie!


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