Flash Script - Open Browser in Flash

1. First we need JavaScript. If you’re not familiar with JavaScript, see our Javascript section.

 <SCRIPT language=JavaScript>  var newwin;   function launchwin(winurl,winname,winfeatures)   {   //This launches a new window   newwin = window.open(winurl,winname,winfeatures);  }  </SCRIPT>

2. Insert the above code into the tags of your HTML document.

3. Now, assign the parameters of this new window to your Flash button. Here’s the code:

On (Release)  

Get URL ("javascript:launchwin('http://www.flashcircle.com'   , 'newwindow' , 'height=800,width=800')")  

End On 

4. That’s all you need to do. Press ctrl+enter to check the movie.


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