Flash Script - Random Text Effect With Default Text Display

It looks cool… and it’s easy! Here’s what you need to create your own random text effect.

1. Create a text field and name it. I gave mine a variable name of "shuffle".

2. Convert the textfield to a movie clip, and name it "Random".

3. Right click the movie clip and access its actions. Insert the following action:

onClipEvent (enterFrame)   {  if(!_root.flag)  {  shuffle = chr(random(26)+65);  }  }

4. Create 4 duplicates of the movie clip.

I want the RandomText movie clip to display Flash, then pause for a moment, then continue. There are 5 letters in the word "flash", so I’ll use 5 movieclips.

5. Select the first movieclip and give it an instance name of "t1"; name the second one t2, and so on for the other movieclips.

6. Name the current layer "text", extend it three keyframes, then lock the layer.

7. Create a new layer above the text layer, and name it "actions". Create three blank keyframes in this layer. In the first keyframe, insert this action:

i = 0  flag = 0  lapse = 20;  display = 10;

8. In the second keyframe, insert this code:

i = i + 1  if(i > display)  {  flag = 1;  _root.t1.shuffle = "F";  _root.t2.shuffle = "L";  _root.t3.shuffle = "A";  _root.t4.shuffle = "S";  _root.t5.shuffle = "H";  }  if(i > lapse)  {  flag = 0;  i = 0;  }

9. In the third keyframe, insert this action:

gotoAndPlay (2);

10. That’s it! Run the movie, and you’ll see the effect above.


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