Flash Script - Ray of Light

Download the sample files here.

1. Open a new movie with width=400 and height=100.

2. Create a text object with name of your choice. I used "ray of light".

3. Convert the text object to a movie clip, and give it the instance name "ray".

Flash Script - Ray of Light

4. Go to the timeline of the movie "ray".

5. Create a new layer above the existing layer.

Flash Script - Ray of Light

6. In the new layer, create a rectangle as shown below. Convert it to a graphic object.

Flash Script - Ray of Light

7. Create key frame at frame number 20. Then move the rectange to the end of the text at the 20th frame.

8. Give the graphic a motion tween.

9. Mask the layer.

10. Go back to the main time line.

11. Create a new layer, and drag an instance of the text movieclip from the library to the new layer.

12. In the new layer, insert the action:

i = "1";   alpha = "0.8";   maxlight = "20";   while (Number(i)<=Number(maxlight))   {   duplicateMovieClip ("ray0", "ray" add i, 800-i);   setProperty ("/ray" add i, _xscale,   getProperty("/ray" add (i-1), _xscale)+i*alpha);   setProperty ("/ray" add i, _yscale,   getProperty("/ray" add (i-1), _yscale)+i*alpha);   setProperty ("/ray" add i, _alpha, 10-i*(0.5/50));   i = Number(i)+1;   }   setProperty ("ray0", _visible, "0");   stop (); 

13. Run the movie. You’ll see the effect above! Congratulations!


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