Flash Script - Sequential Image Fader

Download the sample files here.

1. Take a picture and convert it into a movie clip. Here I’ve used a rectangle shape as an image, but of course, you can use any images of your choice.

2. From the library. drag the movieclip on to the stage.

3. I have taken 6 movie clips and given each a instance name of "blue1", "blue2", "blue3", "blue4", "blue5", or "blue6".

4. Now comes the action script. In the first key frame insert the action:

fade = 100;  

//starting movie number  

movienum = 1; 

5. Create the key frames as shown here:

Flash Script - Sequential Image Fader

6. In the fifth key frame, insert the actions:

setProperty ("/blue" add movienum, _alpha, fade);  

fade = fade - 5;  

if(fade == 0)  


fade = 100;  

setProperty ("/blue" add movienum, _alpha, fade);  

movienum = movienum + 1;  

gotoAndPlay (2);  


if(movienum == 7)  


fade = 100;  

movienum = 1;  

gotoAndPlay (1);  


7. In the last key frame give action.

gotoAndPlay (5);. 

8. Test the movie see how the movie fades. Use your own imagination to re-use the movie for your specific purposes!


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