Flash Script - Showing Key Presses in Flash

Download the sample files here.

1. Create a circle and make it into a movie clip. Name it "circle".

2. Right click the movieclip, and click "action" to go to the actions tab.

3. Insert the action below:

// action to move left   onClipEvent (keyDown)   {   if (Key.isDown( key.LEFT))   {   _x-=10;   }   }  

// action to move right   onClipEvent (keyDown)   {   if (Key.isDown( key.RIGHT))   {   _x+=10;   }   }  

// action to move up   onClipEvent (keyDown)   {   if (Key.isDown( key.UP ))   {   _y-=10;   }   }  

// action to move down   onClipEvent (keyDown)   {   if (Key.isDown( key.DOWN ))   {   _y+=10;   }   }

4. Done! Press ctrl+enter to test the movie, and press the arrow keys to see it work.


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