Flash Video and Learning Curves

I had a few minutes spare last night, and created a mini-focal piece for phireworx.com and the Flash Anthology book using a small video clip and some winky effects in After Effects 6.5. The effect is simple and to the point, but uses some complex keyframing to achieve the desired effect.

What I’m driving at here is your usage of Video in Flash, so lets have a quick straw poll on your video usage in Flash.

1. Do you use Flash video in Flash MX+?

2. Do you use post processing such as After Effects to glamorize / correct the final video?

If you answered ‘No’ to question 2, then is this because you have no need, or you lack the pieces of the jigsaw to do it?

I’m considering writing a tutorial on Video in general with a focus on post processing before the Video gets into Flash. Would you guys want such a tutorial, or is it a little too niche?


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