Flexible Fixtures in Rails 2

As Matt Magain pointed out yesterday, Rails 2.0 is now gold! Not a lot has changed feature wise from the PR (makes sense – features were frozen at that point), although it seems that the new improvements to fixtures managed to slip in to the final version.

Rather than having to map foreign keys in your fixtures using id numbers, you can use fixture names, which makes life a whole lot easier. So you can now write:

 users.yml  joe_blogs:   id: 1   first_name: Joe   last_name: Blogs mary_smith:   id: 2   first_name: Mary   last_name: Smith   websites.yml  website_1   id: 1   user: joe_blogs   url: "http://www.joeblogs.com"  website_2   id: 2   user: mary_smith   url: "http://mary.smith.id.au" 

which obviously makes a lot more sense to a human reading it, especially when you have a large number of fixtures across many models.

Let me join Matt in congratulating the Rails core dev team for achieving this milestone – roll on Rails 3!


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