Flocking To The Coop

Introducing “The Coop“. An experimental Firefox add-on that will let you to see what your friends are doing online, as well as share content with them from popular web services such as Flickr, YouTube, del.icio.us, etc.

Some of the cooler features include auto-discovery of your contacts data feeds, and the ability to drag and drop the things you want to share with them.

It builds upon the lifesream concept which Jeremy Keith spoke of last year and brings it right into the browser window. I suspect the ill-fated Deapleep project may have achieved something similar had it not been 7 years ahead of its time.

A prototype of the add-on which uses the sharing feature from Facebook is available for the early adopters out there. The mere curious might like to check out the mockups at the project page.

Is there any wind left in the Flock sails?


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