Font Adjuster Panel for Flash MX 2004

Font Adjuster Panel for Flash MX 2004

Well, this is one that I use in Fireworks all the time, and thought I’d port it over to Flash just due to the sheer time-saving nature of the panel.

Altering the text size of single or multiple selected text areas can be a royal pain either having to go into the Property Inspector and type in the value by hand until you have the required effect, or use the sensitive pop-up slider which when attempting to increment the font size by 1pt at a time can be tedious.

With the Text Adjuster Panel, simply select your text areas on the screen you wish to modify, then select the step size (default is 1) from the ‘Text Adjuster’ Panel, and hit the increase or decrease buttons until you are happy with the font size. The panel is extremely useful when you wish to increment by a set point size several times in a row.

I have more functionality to introduce in the next few days as an incremental release; as always, let me know what you think!

Download Font Adjuster Panel for Flash MX 2004 >>


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