foobar2000: facet-like folder filers in Columns UI

Question regarding foobar 2000

From what i know, facets (using standard UI) and columns UI are mutually exclusive.
I'd like to use columns UI for added customization, but a crucial feature is missing: filter of folders ONLY in a specific directory.

Those who have used facets will know that the primary directory/ies added in
Preferences->Media Library->Music folders
will be shown nicely in the facet section, without the subfolders.

As an example, lets say my media library path is C:\Users\Me\mymusic.
In the folder named mymusic, i have 3 subfolders named a,b,c respectively.
There are many other subfolders of different artists inside a,b,c,.
What i want is a column of folders in my library, but only the mother folders in C:\Users\Me\mymusic\, which in this example are only a,b,c.

C:\Users\Me\mymusic\a (shown)
C:\Users\Me\mymusic\a\ed sheeran (not shown)
C:\Users\Me\mymusic\b\adele(not shown)

Basically, I need a field code that will do the same thing as facets does, in Columns UI.
foobar2000: facet-like folder filers in Columns UI

Please Help!


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