For security and performance, what are the best servers for security and speed for 2016? [on hold]

I have worked with windows server 2012 R2 and have some exposure to Ubuntu Linux. Most reviews for servers I see are from 2012 or so.

I would like something that can go fast and scale to an enterprise level of data. I am a student learning security and programming, so I want to start testing.

I know Apache in the past has been slow, but free(that may have changed). Also, I don't really trust Microsoft IIS, since their servers tend to have to be restarted because they aren't very stable (unless that has changed too). I have read about Lite Speed and how fast they can go and Nginx.

I am going to push this server with lots of video content and pictures for testing. It will use php, bootstrap, mysql, and I may use other languages to see their security vulnerabilities. Virtual machines within the web server are great!

So what truly is the fastest, has great documentation to learn, is scalable for enterprise, can be the most secure against attacks such as Ddos, has great load balancing, possibly can use virtual machines, and is overall a great web server product (and it doesn't have to be free, but if it is that's great too)?

Basically, performance and security wise, what would be the top 3 best web servers for enterprise?


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