Formatting a Vaio Upgraded Windows 10 and Installation via Recovery USB

I recently restored my Vaio to Factory Settings. This restored it to Windows 7. I got a free upgrade to Windows 10 and have completed that too. I went ahead and created a Recovery USB Drive (with System Files) using the Windows 10 Utility.

The partitions on my computer include 4 partitions. 1 with the OS and 3 related to boot and recovery partitions. I have tried various options to shrink the OS partition to install Ubuntu, but shrinking it via DiskManagement (or through Ubuntu's Partition Manager) makes the newly created space "unusable".

I have decided I want to format my entire Hard Disk, install Windows 10 and then install Ubuntu cleanly (I will also get my product keys using NirSoft Produkey, just in case).

Can the recovery USB help in this effort? Or does it require that my partitions be untouched. Will formatting the entire hard disk create problems for the USB Drive Installation? I don't think there is a need for the Recovery Partition anymore.


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