Geek Olympics: 24 hours, 2 teams, 1 trophy...

Geek Olympics: 24 hours, 2 teams, 1 trophy...If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you may have heard about Full Code Press, the international site in a day “geek olympics” taking place in Sydney on August 18, between Australia and New Zealand.

If not, then you’re likely to hear more about these events soon — plans are for the concept to become a truly international event, beginning in February next year in Wellington, New Zealand, where many more countries will be competing.

The concept is simple. Web teams take each other on, at the same location, to build a complete website in 24 hours. No excuse, no extensions, no budget overruns.

SitePoint is excited to be sponsoring the event — the first of its kind as far as I know. Competitors will have access to SitePoint books for reference during the competition, and we’ll be providing one impressive-looking trophy for the winning team to take away. Both the winners and runners-up will also receive vouchers to spend at the SitePoint book store.

Of course, these goodies and bragging rights aside, the best takeaway from this competition is that a non-profit organisation will walk away with a brand new site!

So far the teams have been chosen, and announcement of judges is to follow soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the result of these 24 hours! In the mean time, if you’re interested in organising (and representing) your country at the second Full Code Press in February next year, I suggest you register now!


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