Georeferencing DXF file to use in Google Earth

I have read up on several questions that seen to have similar problems in georeferencing dxf files from CAD. None of them are clear, so I am trying here.

I have CAD files of solar plant layouts, roads, fences, etc in DWG format. I have used Any DWG DXF Converter to convert into DXF, which I can open in QGIS. The problem is there are no recognisable scales or coordinate system. The scale is currently 1:377579882 when viewing the plant layout from just above and the coordinate on the mouse point is 95675, -3008800.

I have tried reading about the Affine plug in, but can't work out how to use it as the the Transformation Matrix makes little sense without explanation. I have tried using and reading up on the V.Transform module in GRASS, but I don't know what the "Shifting Value for X and Y coordinates" is or the "Scaling Factor for X and Y coordinates" - None of the previous answers seem to actually tell users how to run these modules or find the correct inputs.

The purpose of this exercise is to take the CAD files (which I can make into DXF), load them in QGIS (possible convert to Shapefile if necessary) and save them as KML files to open in Google Maps.


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