Geoserver not showing compressed rasters?

beginner here. I'm practicing loading a raster file into Geoserver, and loading/viewing it works fine with my uncompressed (1.2GB) tif (seems I can use either GeoTiff or Worldfile options just fine), but it will simply not display compressed tifs using the same workflow.

A bit more detail of what I've done:

  • I merged some landsat images into a large GeoTiff via gdalwarp (1.2GB file)
  • I use listgeo command to create a tfw file associated with the tif
  • I edited the tif in GIMP to adjust some color settings, etc, which loses the georeference data
  • After GIMP edits complete, I use to reassign srs (EPSG:3857) and ensure tfw has same name as tif file.
  • At this point, I can then load the large tif/tfw files (1.2GB) onto my Geoserver as a store and then publish as layer, and I can see/zoom,etc the raster just fine in layer preview (openlayers).
  • However, if I use any compression ("gdal_translate -co COMPRESS=LZW -co TILED=YES in.tif out.tif" or COMPRESS=JPEG) and upload this smaller (~200MB) file (and associated tfw) to geoserver as a store and publish as layer (same procedure as uncompressed tif), it simply does not show when I try to view in layer preview (open layers) as the larger one does. The window's coordinate area seems fine, but it is just a blank box with no visible raster!

Does anybody have any ideas why I might be experiencing this? Thanks very much for any insight.


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