GeoServer WFS and ArcGIS Javascript API

I am trying to add a layer to an ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API map using a WFS based on geoserver. The back end is pulling from POSTGIS, if it makes a difference. The WFS appears to work fine in openlayers, but not in the esri javascript api. Looking at the http requests, they are totally different. Specifically the GetFeatures Request. In openlayers this is the request:


With a nice json response. ESRI requires me to use their proxy, but even still , the request is a POST and looks like this:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <GetFeature   xmlns:xsi=''  xmlns:gml=''  xmlns:ogc=''  xmlns:wfs=''  xmlns=''  xmlns:conryservices='[URL]'  version='1.1.0' service='WFS' maxFeatures='100'>  <wfs:Query typeName='conryservices:zip_polygons' srsName='EPSG:4326'>   <ogc:Filter xmlns:ogc=''>    <ogc:BBOX>     <ogc:PropertyName>conryservices:geom</ogc:PropertyName>     <gml:Box srsName='EPSG:4326'>       <gml:coordinates>-122.94620660400169,42.29605553470161 -122.72579339599417,42.395904817819165</gml:coordinates>     </gml:Box>    </ogc:BBOX>   </ogc:Filter>  </wfs:Query> </GetFeature> 

I'm not sure what I'm missing here, but are these running on the same standard?


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