Get Site Content Type ID by Content Type Name using REST API

I am having some of the Site Content Types available in my SharePoint 2013 site. Now I want to assign this Site Content Types to my Document Library using REST API.

I have tried code from here and it worked perfectly. But the only problem is it required Content Type ID to associate and I am just having Site Content Types name.

So I just want to know is there any REST end point available through which I can associate my Site Content Type to my library using Name instead of ID?

I am bound to use REST API only.


You can get content type id from its name. Just you have to use $filter.

"/_api/web/AvailableContentTypes?$select=Name,Id,StringId&$filter=Name eq 'Your CT Name'"

Just make a GET request to the above end-point.

PS: Id is a object. So better you can consider to $select StringId in your query.

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