Get Subscriber Profile Attribute Types

The same question has been asked here but went unanswered.

I'm trying to determine the dataTypes of the subscriber profile attributes seen in the Marketing Cloud UI under "Profile Management". Judging by the UI there are three types (numeric, text and date).

I've tried using the two methods below:

Method 1, described here, retrieves all of the attributes I'm looking for but only contains name and value information.

Method 2, described here, contains dataType information under the "extendedProperties" field but only profile attributes I've created personally show up. I.E. the "Full Name" profile attribute that was created by default by Marketing Cloud doesn't show up at all.

Any help is much appreciated.


I don't think it's possible.

Even if it was, the only three options are Text, Numeric and Date.

Get Subscriber Profile Attribute Types

It's SQL Server behind the scenes, so it'd be varchar, int and datetime2.

Profile Attributes are also available in Query Activities in Enterprise 2.0 accounts from the _EnterpriseAttribute data view, so if you needed them in specific datatypes, you could write them to specifically typed Data Extension and retrieve them with the API from there.

Perhaps if you could give us some insight into why it's needed we could suggest another solution.

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