Getting QGIS TMS layers (using GDAL_WMS driver) to work via http proxy?

Has anyone managed to get QGIS to successfully load TMS tiles when the QGIS client is behind an HTTP proxy?

I host a number of TMS layers, and make them available to GIS users as well as to my own website. They layers are accessible in QGIS via the XML scripts on the following page:

These scripts load and the maps are displayed fine in QGIS when the client has direct access to the internet (just open them as raster layers in QGIS and they work). However, when the QGIS client is behind a firewall I have not managed to get the HTTP GET requests to go via the proxy.

What I have tried:
QGIS network settings: ignored - GET requests go direct to target
GDAL_HTTP_PROXY environment variable: ignored - GET requests go direct to target

I should state that the clients are running on windows PCs and so I may be setting the environment variable in the wrong place (I set it as a windows environment variable)

Has anyone got this to work?


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Tags: proxy qgis gdal tms

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