GMail: how to fill 1000Mb?

Given 1Gb of free disk space, what’s the first thing you want to do? Fill it! And what better way than Goollery;

Goollery is a GMail based photo gallery. You can upload pictures from a website. The pictures will automatically be stored in your gmail accout.

It’s written in PHP and takes advantage of libgmailer – a PHP client library for GMail.

There’s other people looking for innovative ways to fill that GMail account such as GMail FS for Linux and GMail Drive shell extension for Windows (where’s the source!).

With more and more Linux distros coming on “Live CDs” which allow zero install / boot anywhere, seems like Google is the perfect match. Side note: coolest I’ve played with recently was dyne:bolic which, if you’re working with multimedia, is worth checking out, especially the approach clustering it uses.

Anyway would be great if Google offered some kind of official service of this nature…


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