Google Foobar Challenge: Spy Snippets in Python

I am getting all the answers correct. But still the solution is not accepted as only 4/5 tests cases are passed.

I have not posted the whole problem statement but the problem is similar to this.

I want to know if there are any more optimizations possible.

import sys   class Queue(object):     input_array = []      def __init__(self, input_array=None):         if not input_array:             self.input_array = []         else:             self.input_array = input_array      def enqueue(self, element):         self.input_array.append(element)      def dequeue(self):         return self.input_array.pop(0)      def first(self):         return self.input_array[0]      def last(self):         return self.input_array[-1]      def size(self):         return len(self.input_array)      def get_queue(self):         return self.input_array      def get_queue_after_first(self):         return self.input_array[1:]      def __str__(self):         return "Current Queue: {0}".format(self.input_array)   def answer(document, searchTerms):     no_of_search_terms = 0     count = dict()     for searchTerm in searchTerms:         if searchTerm in count:             count[searchTerm] += 1         else:             no_of_search_terms += 1             count.update({searchTerm: 1})      q = Queue()     len_q = Queue()     smallest_snippet_size = sys.maxint     offsets = tuple()     tokens = document.split()      for position, token in enumerate(tokens, start=1):         if count.get(token, 0):             q.enqueue(token)             len_q.enqueue(position)             while q.first() in q.get_queue_after_first():                 q.dequeue()                 len_q.dequeue()             current_block_len = len_q.last() - len_q.first() + 1             if (q.size() >= no_of_search_terms) and (current_block_len < smallest_snippet_size):                 smallest_snippet_size = current_block_len                 offsets = (len_q.first() - 1, len_q.last())      return " ".join(tokens[offsets[0]: offsets[1]])   if __name__ == '__main__':     assert (answer("world there hello hello where world", ["hello", "world"]) == 'world there hello')     assert (answer("many google employees can program", ["google", "program"]) == 'google employees can program')     assert (answer("some tesla cars can autopilot", ["tesla", "autopilot"]) == 'tesla cars can autopilot')     assert (answer("a b c d a", ["c", "d", "a"]) == 'c d a')     assert (answer("the cats run very fast in the rain", ["cats", "run", "rain"]) == 'cats run very fast in the rain')     assert (answer("the cats run very fast in the rain run cats", ["cats", "run", "rain"]) == 'rain run cats')     assert (answer("hello", ["hello"]) == 'hello') 


Class attribute

Having input_array = [] defined at class level does not add anything except confusion.


I think that this:

no_of_search_terms = 0
count = dict()
for searchTerm in searchTerms:
    if searchTerm in count:
        count[searchTerm] += 1
        no_of_search_terms += 1
        count.update({searchTerm: 1})

could be done in a clearer and more efficient way using: collections.Counter.

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