Graphical Surface gone after Upgrades on 16.04 LTS WS

I run 16.04 LTS WS in a Virtual Box on top of Win 10 for a while. ( I need Win for several reasons, but email and surfing are done in UBUNTU exclusively). The entire setup is been kept actualized on a day-by-day basis. The most recent upgrade at July 27th ruined my graphical functions

System boots into graphical screen as usual and shows the login box. After accepting the login it just shows the 16.04 logo for a minute, than shows the std screen background image with no launcher, just nothing on it. I can right click to open a terminal and start my apps from command line. The apps do not have any windows control functions, I can get them to full screen or close via ALT-rigth click. No other function keys are active. No switching between or resizing of windows.

The general functionality of my system seems to be o.k. The programs, if started, work with no issues and I can share my data with the host systm.

I tried all I could find regarding the UNITY, CCSM etc. stuff. Deleted all content and subdirs of ~/.config/ . Any chance to recover without saving the data and re-installing the entire system from scratch ? Your advice is very much appreciated - please detailed, I'm no expert.


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