Greek sans serif math

Is it possible to use unicode-math to fake sans serif Greek math letters? I use \symsfit{x}(f) for the Fourier transform of x(t). I would like it to work for Greek function variables too. Can I, for example, use one standard font and let Greek sans serif letters, eg \symsfit{\phi}, be set in a different font, so that it can be told apart from its transform \phi?


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    Here's a simple demonstration program: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} \DeclareMathVersion{sans} \SetSymbolFont{letters}{sans}{OT1}{cmss}{m}{sl} \begin{document} \[ x + \alpha \beta \] \mathversion{sans} \[ x + \alpha \beta

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    I notice that beamer has everything in sans-serif by default, including math. In a regular article, simply using \sffamily doesn't cause math to be set in sans-serif. Using \renewcommand{\familydefault}{\sfdefault} doesn't work and the sansmath packa

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    I want to know the easiest way to ensure that the content inside a tabular, including siunitx columns is set using a/the sans serif math font. The normal document is set in serif font. This approach shows some of my attempts: \documentclass[paper=a4,

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    With the sfmath package I find that there is too little space between some symbols. In an expression like $n_1$ for instance the subscript is too close to the base. Although the space between the symbols seems to be the same as with the computer mode

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    The existing question Typeset WHOLE document in sans-serif, Including Math Mode uses the sansmath package to use helvet glyphs also in math-mode. But being not designed for use in math mode, the results don't look convincing. According to this survey

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    I would like to change the sans serif math font to, say, Kurier, while keeping the roman font as the default. In other words, I'd like to change the font that is used with \mathsf whithout affecting the behaviour of the other math commands. Any sugge

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    I am typesetting a document in XeLaTeX using a serif font for main text, and a sans serif for everything else (section titles, tables etc). For setting of mathematics, I use TeX Gyre Pagella Math. Using fontspec and unicode-math, this mostly works fi

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    I use the package cmbright with beamer when I typeset a document with pdflatex. Is there a sans-serif math font to compile a beamer presentation with XeLaTeX?

  • otf sans serif math only in figures 2013-07-07

    I was going to use a serif font (TG Pagella) for most of the text (including captions) and a sans serif font (Candara) for my (tikz) figures. For text this works nice, but not for maths. First I used only unicode-math with the version key to switch t

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    I would like to implement the suggestions in the TUGboat 30:3, 2009 about the upright/italic and bold/normal in scalars, vectors and tensors. All this is about math. I use this font: \usepackage[charter]{mathdesign} For vectors, I always used \vec, s

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    How do I get sans serif fonts for captions containing math characters in lists? Here is a mwe where the x^2 from mathmode in the list of figures is represented with serifs instead of the wanted sans serif font: \documentclass[]{article} \usepackage{t

  • Switch between sans and sans-serif math with MyriadPro and MinionPro 2015-05-13

    I have a document using MinionPro as serif and MyriadPro as sans-serif font families. Math is set by default with the serif font but for captions I like to switch to the sans-serif font. A minimal working example would be: \documentclass[11pt]{scrboo

  • I need only one slanted sans serif math character 2015-07-05

    For some reason I need one slanted sans serif character. Otherwise in my documents I use Fourier, Helvet and Luximono fonts. How to determine it? \documentclass{memoir} \usepackage{fouriernc} \usepackage[scaled=0.83]{helvet} \usepackage[scaled=0.82]{

  • Upright sans serif greek in math mode 2016-06-11

    Consider the following MWE, which typesets some sans serif math that I'm using in a presentation: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{sansmath} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} \sansmath \[ w\Delta z = \operatorname{cov}(w,z) + \operatorname{E}(

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    This is a follow up on my last question. I want to produce a beamer presentation using the font Helvetica Neue. I am using this MWE: \documentclass[]{beamer} \usepackage{fontspec} \setsansfont[ BoldFont=HelveticaNeueLTCom-Md, ItalicFont=HelveticaNeue

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    The reigning answer for the Simplest way to typeset entire document in sans serif (Helvetica) completely disregards math-mode. This might be preferred when all math equations are set display style, but a matching font is a must for in-line equations.

  • Why no sans-serif italic numerals in unicode-math? How do I get them? 2015-09-24

    I'm trying to use unicode-math's \mathsfit to set sans-serif italicised numerals in math mode. I don't want sans-serif math in general; only numerals and latin/Latin (but that works already). I use xelatex. My MWE so far is: \documentclass{standalone

  • Xelatex Calibri without serif math 2013-12-21

    I have to write a document in Calibri. Please find my minimal example thereafter. The issue is when I include some math, the design looks "ugly". Is there a way to change the serif math font and number to some SANS-SERIF which looks close to Cal

  • How can I format `\delta` as **Bold sloping sans serif font** 2015-07-13

    How can I format \delta as Bold sloping sans serif font. The journal guideline requires that Bold sloping sans serif font, defined by the \mathsfbi macro, should be used for tensors and matrices, for example \mathsfbi{E}. Obviously, it is suited to t

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