Grounding my Capacitor Banks

The circuit I’m building uses two capacitor banks. One bank serves the purpose of filtering and smoothing the 200Amp output from my full wave rectifier. Since the output being smoothed is high current, I am using 10 supercapacitors in parallel, rated at 2.7V and 100F to do the job.

The other bank of capacitors is composed of 8 regular caps in parallel, each with 1800uF and 450V. Once this bank is fully charged it will be discharged to give very high currents with an SCR pulse.

I want to be very careful with my circuit, especially because these banks of capacitors can store charges even when the circuit is turned off. I am wondering whether the schematic below is an appropriate way to ground a bank of capacitors. Does the 2kΩ bleed resistor work well in this case? My reasoning behind putting in the bleed resistor was to slow the currents from draining the capacitors charges to the GND. Then a switch rated at 20A can be toggled to enable the grounding action after running the power supply.

Grounding my Capacitor Banks

Additionally I was wondering if for the switch it would matter if I used a double pole switch rated at 20A instead of single pole switch in the grounding section. The double pole would be connected as shown below, since it is only switching the negative terminals of the capacitors.

Grounding my Capacitor Banks

My last question is whether my heat sink will be enough of an electrical ground. It is a big 11.5"x8"x1.5" aluminum heat sink.


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