Group Policy Drive Mappings

I have an issue with 1 GPO that applies to Citrix servers. If the domain controller that holds the FSMO and PDC roles is unavailable, it takes 30mins or more to log into a server. If I disable all the drive mappings in the policy it will login like normal when the DC in question is offline.

This is a multi site AD, all sites have domain controllers, all sites are configured with proper subnets and the citrix servers are using the local DCs in their site. The policy is not mapping a drive to the DC holding the roles.

This issue is driving me crazy because I can't figure out why drive mapping policy would cause this kind of issue when the domain controller holding the PDC role is unavailable.

The event log messages just say that group policy processing took XXXX seconds, nothing else.


Category: windows server 2008 r2 Time: 2016-07-28 Views: 0

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