Group Policy Mapping Printer

There seems to be lots of different ways to map printers, all appear not to work (for me). Im running a Windows 2008 Environment with windows 7 clients, simple, hey?


  1. I have a printer connected to my windows 2008r2 printer server that is shared.
  2. I have a GP with the following setting:
    • Computer Configuration >> Policies >> Administrative Templates >>Only use Package Point and print (set to disabled)
    • User Configuration >> Preferences >>Windows Settings>> Printer Connections> Added Printer Group Policy Mapping Printer
      Group Policy Mapping Printer

Then when I then log in and check event viewer I see the following error Group Policy Mapping Printer

Double checking the printer additional driver options shows as follows:

Group Policy Mapping Printer

Ive spent 2 hours trying to solve this, should be simple right? any ideas?


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