Hail the WDT -- We are not worthy!

As fast and secure and cool as the Firefox web browser is, if I had to name my number one reason for using Firefox as my primary browser, there’s a simple answer — the Web Developer Toolbar.

Although I dimly remember a time, long ago, when I worked without it, like many other developers, my processes are now so entwined with the WDT that I’d find it hard to work without it.

And as the web developer community has made up a critical element of Phoniex/Firebird/Firefox’s ‘RA-RA’ squad throughout it’s teething period, it’s difficult to dismiss the importance of the WDT in helping to get Firefox to it’s current position of relative strength.

Chris Pederick, we salute you!

Anyway, as I was away for the last update (0.92 – Jan 3rd), I thought I’d check out the new features.

So what possible improvement could they make? Personalized horoscopes? Nail clippers? Espresso? ..

Not in this release, but almost as good.

For anyone who’s spent any time working on custom print or handheld stylesheets, life just got better. Forget ‘Print Preview’ — with a few simple clicks you can now view your print styles directly in the browser. Nice!

Hail the WDT -- We are not worthy!


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