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My problem is that I don't know how to include \section*{Some Title} in \rightmark. Currently \rightmark is working fine for all types of pages e.g. list of figures, list of tables, table of content etc. But when there is a page wiith \section*{Some Title}, \rightmark is empty.

Any suggestions how to solve my problem?


\documentclass[a4paper,listof=totoc,bibliography=totoc]{scratcl}  \usepackage[headsepline,automark]{scrlayer-scrpage} \clearpairofpagestyles \ihead{Musterhausarbeit\\ \rightmark{} \\ \markboth{#1}{#1}} \ofoot{\thepage}  \renewcommand*{\titlepagestyle}{empty}  \addtokomafont{section}{\clearpage}  \begin{document}     \tableofcontents     \newpage      \listoffigures     \newpage      \listoftables     \newpage      \section*{Some title}     \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Some title}     \newpage      \section{Some more title} \end{document} 


Like inserting the ToC entry manually, add the right mark manually using

\section*{Some title}
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Some title}
\markright{Some title}

or via \markboth{<left>}{<right>}.

This process can be automated if needed.

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