How can I handle a huge amount of logging generated from frequent table rebuilds?

We have several tables which we "refresh" frequently by rebuilding them in a staging-table, then performing a metadata-switch to the production-table using the ALTER TABLE <source> SWITCH INTO <target> statement.

These operations are causing a huge amount of logging, and we're not sure how to handle it. For now we just moved these tables and operations to a new database using the SIMPLE recovery model, but I would love to hear alternative solutions to this problem.

How do you suggest we handle the massive log generation as a result of frequent table rebuilds?


one option (if feasible for you considering the downside) would be to change the database to bulk logging and bcp into the target table from a view reading the source tables. the actual logging should be minimized, but the log backup will still be huge as it will include the changed extents. a downside of bulk logging is that is compromises the ability to point in time recover to a time frame during the bulk logging operation. make sure you take a log backup immediately after the bulk import

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