How can I handle an Excel spreadsheet in QGIS (2.14)

There seem to now be many methods for working with an Excel spreadsheet in QGIS. Some allow read-only, and some require one Excel format or another. What are the main different methods for working with Excel at QGIS version 2.14?

I (think I) know of the following (but have questions about each). I suspect that the best answer will simply list the basic facts about each of the various methods - these and others.

Clearly there are more convoluted methods - Excel data can be exported and then imported to many other formats, but I'm asking about more direct methods of making a direct link with the original Excel file (so changes are seen in QGIS).

Save using older .xls format. Bring into QGIS using a virtual xls table in a Spatialite database. This I think results in a read only table but it is possible to define that the first row has column headings.

Save using .xlsx format. Drag into QGIS or open using 'add vector layer'. No easy way to define if top row is column labels.

Use the 'Spreadsheet Layers' plugin. I've not tried this, but from the basic documentation it seems possible to define a header row, and x/y data.

I realise that this question doesn't ask for a simple 'how to' answer, but working with Excel spreadsheets is trivial in some software so I believe that some clear comments about the facts about the various methods are justified.


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