How can I make this Angular template more DRY?

I'm ashamed to ask such an elementary question but I tried to DRY up this template a couple ways and couldn't come up with anything I was satisfied with. Can you help?

  %ul.dropdown-menu(aria-labelledby="single-button" role="menu" uib-dropdown-menu)     %li(role="menuitem")       %a(href="/legal-forms/admin/document_templates/{{ }}/edit") Edit     %li(role="menuitem")       %a(href="/legal-forms/admin/document_templates/{{ }}/open_in_wizard") Create Document     %li(role="menuitem")       %a(href="/legal-forms/admin/document_templates/{{ }}/preview" document-template-preview="true" id="") Preview     %li(role="menuitem" ng-hide="documentTemplate.parent_id")       %a(href=true ng-click="copy(documentTemplate)") Copy     %li(role="menuitem")       %a(href=true ng-click="delete(documentTemplate)") Delete 


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