How can I stiffen a droopy Gorilla Pod?

I have a Gorilla pod (SLR-zoom) which is now a few years old and the legs are now loose enough that it can't support the weight of my camera+lens any more. The legs will often have an 'unexpected adjustment'. The lens & camera combo is well within the spec, but it's just a bit old.

I'm planning to retire it for, but before I do, does anyone have any suggestions of DIY ways I can stiffen it up first?


The following method worked for me to stiffen up a generic fakey-pod (ie meaningless name / brand gorillapod clone). They may of may not work for your version.

I only had problems with a few joints. These lacked stiffness when being bent and would not hold position. The joints push together - ball end into cup. They dismantle by being physically pull apart along the axis running down the length of the leg. This requires bravery , stupidity, a degree of strength and certainty that yours works the same way.

Once separated a sheet of suitably thin suitably durable can be placed across the socket and the ball end pushed back into the socket. I used thin polyethylene shopping bag material.

Success depends on "correct" thickness & properties of the sheet and s modicum of luck.

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