How dangerous the fact that selinux is permissive/lacking on android? what should one be wary of?

So there is this ROM who due to some constrains has its SELINUX set on permissive most of the time. The phone has its root disabled.

Now I'm not really sure what are the consequences of such a state and would be happy if someone could explain. According to Androids website it seems that this function is denying access to permissions that were not granted which I thought was happening anyways (isn't that the point of the permission system?).

However, I'm more interested in the practical aspect of living with a permissive phone. What type of exploits would one in such position be more vulnerable than his more prudent neighbor(if some theoretical examples would be added, that would be even better!)? What are the actual chances of those risks to happen? I'm looking for any information on what happens in the real world for those who lack this option and perhaps answers to other questions I forgot/did not know to ask.

Thank you very much!


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