How do I configure NFC Tools to handle tags, instead of Nfc Service?

I'm using NFC tags to perform a set of operations when a Nexus 7 device is positioned on a wall mount. The operations are configured with NFC Tools.

Sometimes, it works well: NFC Tools recognizes the tag and performs the tasks recorded on this tag.

However, eight times out of ten, the application which identifies itself as “Nfc Service” hijacks the tag recognition in order to open itself and tell:

New tag collected

Empty tag

while preventing NFC Tools to process the tag.

In the list of applications, “Nfc Service” is among the system applications and cannot be disabled. If I force stop it, it restarts the next time an NFC tag is put close to the device.

Is there anything I can do to configure NFC Tools to do the job every time, instead of Nfc Service?


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