How do I increase VirtualBox resolution past 800x600 in Linux?

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Ubuntu on VirtualBox can only show resolution of 800x600 - how to change it?

No matter what I do I cannot get the resolution past 800x600. If I am using a Windows install in VirtualBox, I can get it to 1024x768.

What is limiting me from doing this in Linux?


Have you installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions on your guest yet? If so, then the size of the guest should reflect the size of your VirtualBox window, so if you maximise the latter, your guest should resize its display accordingly.

You may also need to activate VirtualBox's Auto-resize Guest Display option (Host-G is a hot key for that).

If installing guest additions does not solve the problem for you try the following:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11

And some more info on the problem here:

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