How does micro SD slot works (notification that card was inserted)

I have a dashcam which uses micro SD card as a storage memory. Recently a card was pressed to much inside and since that after inserting card a dashcam is not able to power up or is shutting down.

I have opened it and examined SD card slot. On the side (right bottom side of the picture below) there is a micro jumper to which issue must be related:

How does micro SD slot works (notification that card was inserted)

When card is inserted a copper part is connected to the metal body/GND. I have it disconnected when card is inserted. In that state dashcam stays on but it says "insert a memory card".

Can someone describe how does micro SD slot works and what can cause issue when piece described above get shortened to GND?

Card slot datasheet below. Based on it card detection switch has own pin marked as Sd but not sure if it is closest one to the edge (card slot facing towards me) and what reading (voltage) I should get it there when is closed?

How does micro SD slot works (notification that card was inserted)


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