How exactly is spacing in and around a multiline math environment determined?

I've tried reading various sources (in particular Tex By Topic; I don't have a copy of the TeXBook) and experimenting on my own, but I'm still unclear as to how exactly the line spacing in and around a multiline math environment is determined by the parameters

  • \abovedisplayskip, \belowdisplayskip, \shortabovedisplayskip, \shortdisplayskip
  • \lineskip, \lineskiplimit
  • \jot

Can someone explain exactly how the skips are computed? (Ideally it should include a description of what happens if one or more of these parameters is made negative.)

I'm especially interested in \lineskip and \lineskiplimit, since I've seen some strange results from playing with these.

For a MWE, see the example given in Set a minimum space above and below displayed math


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