How run makeindex inside memoir class document for glossary?

How can one run makeindexfrom within a memoir documentclass source so as to create a glossary?

Here is my source, which calls makeindex (via the imakeidx package) seemingly using the syntax as described in Section 17.3 of memman.pdf.

When I run a pdflatex make file on the source (from within TeXShop, via the pdflatexmk engine), I get the following error:

Rule 'cusdep goo gas book': File changes, etc:    Non-existent destination files:      'book.gls  

The source:

% BOOK.TEX  \documentclass{memoir}  \usepackage{amsmath}  \usepackage[makeindex]{imakeidx} \makeglossary \makeindex[options=-s glossarystyle.gst,-o book.gls book.glo]  \begin{document}  The empty set is denoted by $\emptyset$.% \glossary{$\emptyset$}{empty set}  The set of all subsets of a set $X$ is denoted by $\mathcal{P}(X)$.% \glossary{$\mathcal{P}(X)$}{power set of set}  \newpage  For sets $X$ and $Y$, the notation $f \colon X \to Y$ means that $f$ is a functions from $X$ to $Y$.% \glossary{$f \colon X \to Y$}{functions from one set to another}.  \printglossary  \end{document} 

The referenced style file `glossarystyle.gst:

% GLOSSARYSTYLE.GST %%% basic.gst basic makindex glossary style file  %%% Output style parameters  preamble "\\begin{theglossary}"  postamble "\n\\end{theglossary}\n"  item_0    "\n\\glossitem"  delim_0   "{\\memglonum{"  encap_suffix "}}}"  headings_flag 1  heading_prefix "\\doglobookmark{"  heading_suffix "}"  %%% Input style parameters  keyword "\\glossaryentry" 

Note that I am using just the built-in glossary facilities of the memoir class, and not the external package glossaries!


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