How should I organize programming files into directories?

Sometimes, one creates a exploratory prototype and forgets about structure in the directories...

What are good tips on dividing the programming files over (several levels of) directories?


If your language is OOP and package based (Eg Java), then you should probably keep each package in its own folder (eg my/package/name) to keep with the convention.

If your language isn't package based (Eg PHP), then organize by what each file does. Here's an example

  • Does this do utility functions? Goes in /util
  • Is this a 3rd party plugin? Goes in /plugin
  • Is this part of the admin panel? Goes in /admin, along with ALL supporting files
  • Is this Javascript? Goes in /javascript
  • Is this CSS? Goes in /css
  • Is this a template? Goes in /templates/templateName
  • etc

Language agnostic, Most people have a /src directory for all source files, a /lib directory for libraries, and a /bin or /dist directory for builds.

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