How Smart Are You? It's Quiz Time!

How Smart Are You? It's Quiz Time!
We know you’ve been hanging out for it … well the wait is over—the quiz is back!

First things first, though: we’ve just published another excellent tutorial, which you should go read. However, we all know that reading something and understanding it are two completely different things. Well, now you can test how much of the tutorial you actually absorbed. Welcome to SitePoint, where we bridge the information absorption gap! ;)

This week our legendary Jack Herrington is back again with another stimulating Flex tutorial—this time about cross-platform distributed processing, which is kindergarten-easy thanks to the power of Adobe AIR! In this tutorial, Jack shows you how to dispatch a PHP application’s processing to the desktop of your application’s many users. Did you get all of that?

If you missed past opportunities to pick up a copy of the excellent pocket guide Adobe AIR For JavaScript Developers (that’s the dead-tree version), then now’s your chance to grab a copy again. I promise this is a limited opportunity (only 100 copies available), although you can get it as a PDF download … but the hard copy does come in very handy every now and then! Plus it really does fit into your pocket (well, not all of your pockets—just the big ones).

SO… if you haven’t installed the trial version of Flex Builder 3, then do so now. Once you’ve read the article, take the quiz and leave your details to score a freebie. Remember, only the first 100 people score the prize!

So what are you waiting for? Go download Flex Builder, read Jack’s article, and take the quiz… now!


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