How to access personal wiki (html files) securely over the internet

I have a load of html files that hyperlink between each other like a wiki. They contain personal info that I don't want to be public. But they are best viewed via a browser.

At the moment they are all in my Dropbox. So I can access the files via the mobile Dropbox app, but viewing the html files in this way doesn't allow use of the hyperlinks.

Any thoughts on how to:

a) enable true 'browser' access to the html files, with full hyperlink, CSS and image support

b) but keep the files private so that they could only be accessed with eg a password or login.

I'm using Mac OS X and iOS.


If you don't want any third-party to see the files (too late, of course; you put them on Dropbox) then you'd have to host them on your own computer, and set up a way to securely connect to that computer from the Internet. As it is, you can either host the files yourself, or have a trusted third party do so for you.

So, there's two basic ways to do this. For either one, you can use your own computer, or use some third-party provider like a website hosting company or a "cloud service" (i.e. somebody else's computer that you pay them to let you use).

  1. Set up an HTTPS web server (on a publicly-reachable IP address that is either static, or uses dynamic DNS) that requires client authentication. This can be done using a login page with a username/password combo, or using HTTP authentication (basic or digest), or using a TLS client certificate. You then use your browser to connect to the web server (over HTTPS), authenticate either using username+password or client cert, and browse away. This approach is subject to web application security risks (like cross-site scripting or cross-site request forgery), but is the most seamless.
  2. Set up a way to make a secure connection to the host computer over the Internet. This could be a VPN server, an SSH server, a Remote Desktop (Windows, mostly) server... etc. Anything that requires authentication and sets up a secure channel works. You would then be able to remotely log into your server from anywhere, and browse the files on it, including your HTML pages. This approach is more complicated to set up and use (you can't just point the browser at a URL, you have to first establish a tunnel to the server) but might be easier to keep secure.
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