How to Avoid Cheap Clients

Congratulations to the following winners of the “Stickiest Situation” blog contest: Ray Oliver, webmonster, optimus prime, dhecker, illuminosity, wdm, Anthony Feguson, kf, and Mark F. Those of you winners who don’t already have the IT Business Acceleration Manual, send me an email and I’ll send you a link to download it for free. Once again, EVERYONE who posted is a winner. And keep posting your situations there, even though no more winners will be announced (I have to make a living after all).

Please read their posts at the following link if you haven’t already, as they are all terrific and will form the basis of the next few blogs:

Next blog will address Optimus Prime’s sticky situation, reprinted below:

My problem is the following: lately I’ve been getting several leads through my existing clients (referrals) – but all of the leads I am getting are cheap clients. I don’t think I’m pricing myself too high, I think I’m just attracting the wrong type of clients. How do stop attracting clients from the low end of the market and start attracting better clients?

How would you advise Optimus Prime?


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