how to bias diode limiter with voltage divider?

I'm novice in electronics and want to know how to bias a diode limiter with resistor voltage divider? Please show me a physical design or something near to physical design, not a schematic.


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    I have a 3.3V circuit with an ADC chip that reads values between 0V and 2.1V, that means anything above 2.1V will return 2047. If I use a voltage divider with the Vcc power supply, I would lose a lot of range. What is the best solution to measure all

  • Universal Voltage Divider Bias Circuit with both BJT and JFET 2014-03-20

    I am dealing with the following circuit: I am trying to understand if I can just assume that, much like in the JFET voltage divider circuit, V_G = 10/(40+10) * 16V , or if the presence of the BJT after the JFET will affect the voltage at this point.

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