How to build a company and flip it for $12 million,17863,696229,00.html?cnn=yes

The above article from Business 2.0 is well worth reading (but hurry because they have a habit of posting articles and quickly limiting full access to paid subscribers).

It is about a new trend in software development: building a company quickly and flipping it. The key point is that lots of developers now are finding niches to add to products of larger companies, and then getting bought out for lots of money.

The strategy is to start small and cheap, invest 12 months in product development, 12 months in sales and marketing, and then either sell the company or move on to another idea.

So now you have to market not only your product, but also your enterprise. And this means thinking ahead of product ideas that have natural corporate buyers.

So check out this article, and I’d appreciate posts from anyone on the path of following this strategy….


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