How to burn a bridge

Here’s a sad postcript to last blog about sales process:

One finalist in the process replied with a snide comment to me after I informed the firm that I was moving forward with someone else. I thanked him for his time, and he replied with a curt email that read, simply:

“even though you wasted it.”

That’s simply bad form. Yes, the person had to invest time answering questions and scoping out the work. Yes, I’m a bit analytical and probably ask more questions than most. But that’s the nature of the business. You want to win more engagements than you lose, but sometimes you lose.

The sad thing is that I liked this person up to this point, and would have used him for some other work. The firm demonstrated good design skills, and could have been a good resource.

But not now.

Be gracious with prospects, even if they don’t choose you. Stay in touch. You never know.

Certainly don’t burn bridges.


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