How to bypass resume from hibernate

I am attempting to resume a Windows Vista laptop from hibernate, but the resume process seems to be stuck in an endless loop in which Windows is repeatedly trying to read from the optical drive. When I press the Power On button on the laptop, the screen is black (not even the backlight turns on) and the following occurs in a loop:

  1. Five seconds pass and I hear the optical drive being accessed. (There's no disk in the drive, so it sounds like a short buzzing noise.)
  2. Two seconds pass and I hear the optical drive being accessed.
  3. Two seconds pass and I hear the optical drive being accessed.

So it's three short buzzing noises in a row, over and over again. Eventually I have to abruptly power off the machine.

I have tried inserting a data CD into the drive as well as a bootable CD (a live Linux distro boot disk). For both, the optical drive spins up for a bit, but stops after Windows decides that the disk is not what it is looking for.

I have since lost the Windows Vista recovery DVD, but I don't know if inserting the recovery disk into the optical drive would have a different effect than the bootable CD.

I have tried pressing F8 immediately after pressing the Power On button (hoping to enter System Restore), but that did not have an effect.

Is there a special key sequence that will cause Windows to bypass resuming from hibernate, effectively ignoring hiberfil.sys?


Sledgehammer method:

Find a Linux Live CD (for example, a recent Ubuntu; any bootable system with ntfs-3g will work). Boot from it, open your system disk, and delete hiberfil.sys. Then reboot.

When the computer attempts to resume from hibernation, press SPACE key. You will be presented with 2 options - either to continue with system resume or to delete the hibernation file and start with system boot. Choose the second option.

Or use a Windows setup disk. You can use the recover console to delete files.

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