How to change user agent string on Tor to see mobile sites?

I asked this question but got logged out and can't get back in but need to ask additional Q... How can I see mobile version websites on PC/Mac while using a privacy secure browser such as Tor

I tried the user agent string as explained in the answer, but it didn't work, so I'd like to know what I am doing wrong? I change the useragent to exactly what's in the answer and hit "enter" and go to youtube, right? My youtube still displays as desktop. I'm on a Mac. Thanks.


Two potential solutions (I'm sure there are others).

1.) If you want to maximize your privacy you could simply use tor "as-is" and go to a website which will show you a mobile version of a site. For example:

2.) You could also increase your privacy risk and change the Tor user agent setting itself:

   Open the Tor Browser and go to the url about:config
   Say Yes you'll be careful
   Search for useragent
   Change general.useragent.override to the value of your choice

Note: If you are the only Tor browser with a specific user agent you'll be pretty easy to identify but it all depends on what you are doing.

Additional Note: You may want to clear your cookies. If the first time you've visited a site it set a cookie regarding your screen size that may be part of what is affecting your user experience.

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